Empowering women from diverse backgrounds - Australia's hidden asset.

Thousands of skilled migrant and refugee women either struggle to ever join the workforce or

have their careers derailed into low-level jobs

(Everyone knows the story of the migrant with an MBA driving a taxi, someone with an accounting degree from their home country cleaning commercial properties or selling fruit)

A social enterprise that operates as a resource-sharing hub.


Utilising the qualifications, experience, skills and potentials of disadvantaged and vulnerable women of working age from diverse backgrounds, with lived experience of domestic and family violence, racism, social exclusion, and/or being out of the workforce due to family responsibilities whilst making settlement adjustments in a new country… new culture… new language.


To deliver professional bookkeeping, payroll, administration, event management and marketing services.


Our aim is to deliver high quality services to our clients by ensuring that all work undertaken by iShiners gets reviewed and is subject to quality-assurance by our experienced local industry experts before final submission.

Provide a culturally inclusive pathway for vulnerable women from diverse backgrounds to embark on a pathway progressing from ‘volunteering to semi-professional to confident professional’.


Empower financially and socially disadvantaged women (with prior professional experiences and qualifications) with skills and confidence while adding local Australian work experience onto their resumes, local referees and most importantly enabling to live with dignity, security and hope.


Address the entrenched labour affordability challenges for small-medium, local, organisations with unmet skill shortages.

As iShiners, we are a team of volunteers and semi-professionals (on a pathway progressing to be confident professionals) with prior professional experiences, qualifications and skills, working in a culturally inclusive environment with guidance, supervision and mentoring from experienced local industry experts.


iShine: YOUR Pathway to Empowerment

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

1. Program Intake and Induction

2. Self-discovery & Initial Job Readiness Assessment

Whether YOU have

Overseas qualification and work experience


Overseas and/or Australian qualification with NO work experience


This program will assist YOU with:


1. Mapping of your skills/overseas qualifications/any prior work experience

2. Undertaking ‘Needs Assessment’
Undertaking an optional ‘Psychometric Assessment’
3. Identify training/upskilling/re-skilling needs

4. Identifying any other support needs and facilitating referrals


This program will provide YOU:


1. Support and guidance to: Undertake required training/upskilling/re-skilling (by internal and external provider/s).

2. Volunteer at *UpHub To gain skills, boost your confidence, opportunity to build social connections, and gain local work experience.

3. Guidance, mentoring and supervision from LEAD Connect Supervisors and Industry Experts.



* UpHub creates job opportunities for iShiners by receiving outsourced work from various organisations.

Based on your professional readiness

YOU may:

Be Engaged in PAID flexible EMPLOYMENT at *UpHub (With continued support, guidance, mentoring and supervision from LEAD Connect Supervisors and Industry Experts.)


– Find external employment
– Be self-employed

* UpHub creates job opportunities for iShiners by receiving outsourced work from various organisations.