LEAD Connect is a public benevolent institution (PBI) charity whose purpose is to advance education, social and public welfare and to relieve poverty in Western Sydney by undertaking activities such as:


1. Developing the capacity and life skills of disadvantaged and vulnerable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, disengaged youth, refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants and their dependents living in Western Sydney in such a way that we provide relief from poverty, destitution and helplessness, enabling them to participate more fully in the community.


2. Working with, resourcing, supporting and building the capacity of small service providers and unincorporated volunteer, child and family community groups to increase their governance and efficacy and to work together and collaborate on issues affecting disadvantaged communities in Western Sydney.


3. Advancing education and relieving financial hardship amongst vulnerable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, disengaged youth, asylum seekers, refugees and migrants – by reducing the digital divide through the provision of, and access to training in IT.


4. Advocating and representing vulnerable communities in Western Sydney through strategic leadership expertise and innovative professional development.


5. Promoting activities to foster understanding between people from diverse backgrounds.


6. Educating on community development through workshops and seminars.

LEAD Connect will seek to support a thriving community in Western Sydney where people, communities and organisations are connected to opportunities, empowerment and capability, which is based on inclusion, social justice, education, and equality, enabling all residents to live with dignity, security and hope.